Saturday, October 23, 2010

A note...

It is time we talk to each other, On the growing feeling that tortures, On the passionate longing, On the love that has not been revealed, For too long we stayed, Drowning in everlasting restlessness, Filling the dreams of our night, Oh my dear, release it, Your feelings, your longings, all your love, And now there's only me and you, A moment in eternity, If we could stop the time, And all the dreams would come true, Breaking all the boundaries, Between you and me, Us.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Setelah sekian lama menyepi.....

Hi, its about time to update my blog, finally kan... been back to Malaysia now and was supposed to resume back with my previous comp last 1st Oct, tp postponed sbb due to unexpected incident happened.

I had corneal ulcer due to my extended wear of my contact lense, sblm2 ni ramai org cerita how bad contact lense can harm u, but i guess my normal practise of handlin it is just pretty enuf since nothing bad happened to me. On my first day had eye irritation i tot it was just a normal conjunctivitis, I seeked a help from my father to get me just a normal eye drop, the following day my left aye became swollen, wht was really different compared to normal conjunctivitis, this time around i was really sensitive to sunlight...wht medical terms call it "photo phobic". Since i never know any indication with regards to corneal ulcer, on my 3rd day i still rest at home. On the 4th day, as I woke up in the morning, my left eye worsen, while washing my face and examine the left eye, i noticed a white formation inside it,I became so nervous...i can sense that it was really beyond ordinary.

My father went out for his own errand kutip duit sewa rumah and so on,i called my brother to fetch me to any nearest clinic. So shocked when the doctor wrote a letter to refer me to Hospital Pakar Perdana as according to him it shud be treated by specialist, then we head up to Hospital Pakar Perdana, the specialist there refered me again to HUSM or Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab 2.There was no way for me to be admitted in Pakar Perdana since they x have any eye specialist in house, semua yg dtg as part timer je, while i needed a close monitor....

So there it goes, I ended up kat HRPZ2 la for a week, been discharged exactly before raya, back home for raya then on my 2nd follow up treatment, I was admitted again. Thts how i spent my raya this year. Sad?? tell me about it, malam before keluar sebelum raa tu rasa am the only patient there. Am start to gather all the piece and pieces, no wonder la baju raya aku x siap.... Lucky that am finally home, kalau this happening while am abroad susah jgk...and few more including signing up for hospitalization insurance a few days b4 the incidents happened,walaupon sblm i never give a damn to any call with regrds to tht. Ade pros and cons

~to be cont

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Nearly 5.30 pm just now, Mr Raed came to me..."Roze, can i have a minute?"
I followed him to his place, I have to sign on the copy of the letter to acknowledge the receipt. He told me...I feel bad Roze, i just don't feel good,but things like this happen. I was just looked at him, i craved a smile on my face and strongly says it going to be fine. After made myself understand the content of that letter, I signed...

I took my copy, fold it in the envelope, I took my bag and leave the office.
My service is waiting for me downstairs. I burst into tears... I feel so low..
Never in my life been treated this way,it really really hurts my dignity,I wish am next to anyone that can lend me a shoulder for me to cry.I continued crying... after awhile, i found a gut to call a friend, tried so much to sound better, but at some point i failed, i know part of it I choose it to be this way, I can choose not to be where i am right now, but I dunno how long i can last with tht,

as so far, i never regret with wht i have decided, but I regret it happened this way.
I know this happen for reason, I will try to discover the reason

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bola oh Bola...

skrg kan musim bola... I never give a damn bout it pon,
tp at least I know la world cup tu every 4 years, (tu pon sbb David bg soalan maut tu when i was working kat SMHB dulu..)

Smlm masa lunch kat ofis... I normally have my lunch dpn PC je (keji tak?), malas nak g pantry...sbb automatically it will be divided into 3 groups..2 meja di sebelah utara adalah suku kaum India, 2 meja lagi suku kaum Pinoy....ade la meja mcm side bar tu mat2 or minah2 saleh (normally diorang ni lunch awal, so ade la 3-4 ketul je)
So i will be torned between kalau masuk pantry.. Join Pinoy sah2 la tak paham diorang ckp...kdg2 diorang pon rasa bersalah so ade yg bersimpati tlg translate kan apa topik diorang ari tu, which i x really care much pon.. Gang India tu semua jantan plak... so I'd rather dok kat my workstation je ...blh chat dgn whoever available online heheh...ok back to point.

Since skrg ni sgt la panas, ramai gak yg choose just to order food to be delivered to office and enjoy it indoor. So happen to 2 ketul engineer yang neighbouring to me. Jorge and Ehthesham.. seko dr Hydrabad (India la jgk) and seko lg Columbian ( i hear he's holding US passport). Being in the industry tht nominated by men ni, i rarely join diorang sembang apa lg skrg sure dok ckp pasal bola. Smlm Ehthesham tu asked u watch football??. I was like No..big No
U have any favourite team?? i was like (eh dah tak tgk tu sure la x de) No...
dia tnay lg..if u hv to choose one...which team will tht be?....nak jgk kan???
ish...rasa mcm nak jwb Team Kelantan boleh?? nnt dia x paham plak
So i said...France may be, because their jersey look nice to me ....
pastu diorang senyum2...Jorge tu ckp...u r still a woman hahahaha!

Hey ...tell u what...if u wanna talk about footbal just go ahead. I x mind being left out about football coz i don't really into it OCCAY??!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I only can pray....I hope it's answered,

when israeli commandos (laknatullah) raided a Gaza aid flotilla yesterday..
I only can pray..
for the list that I found somewhere..they are....

Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin, chief of Malaysian delegation (UIA lecturer)

Dr Mohd Arba Ai Shawal (medical doctor)

Dr Syed Muhamad Haleem Syed Hassan (medical doctor)

Dr Selamat Aliman, businessman

Jamaluddin Elias (Klang councillor)

Al Hilmi Husain Suhaimi (religious teacher)

Mohd Nizam Mohamad Awang (engineer)

Abd Halim Mohd Redzuan (executive with Syabas)

Ustaz Hasanuddin Aqsi Assarip (full time NGO personnel)

Ashwad Ismail (journalist)

Shamsul Kamal Latip (Astro Awani cameraman)

They are all an inch away from death, they are so BRAVE,they are our great WARRIOR,they knew this gonna happen, they knew the risk they are facing, they are hoping for our prayers.....Oh Allah saves them from demolition....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer oh summer....

We ar e experiencing summer here in Doha. Correct me if am wrong but I think this time around summer start quite early. My front side of office facade is glass panel, where I have been positioned next to one of the window pane. During winter and spring I really enjoyed my workstation, enjoying the traffic movements whenever bored with work. But whenever approaching summer….god…I can feel the heat of the bright sun through that window pane. On top of that, few days ago the ventilator of AC was not working.
Peak of my anger was last few days when AC in my room was not cooling at all. I’ve been complaining this to management office so many time, they always assure me that they will send their people and will contact me back. Up to one point which I really can’t bear the situation…towards the end of the episode I even have to drag my pillow and spent my night on the sofa in my living room. I was trying to explain the fact that it was just cool only may be 20 min after u switched it on the rest was just blowing the air from outside. These stupid bunches didn’t really understand English thus it was not delivered. Thousands (campur ngan tipu gak ni) of calls has been made to report, but none of action taken until I decided to drag my agent (guy who helped us to find that apartment) in to the picture. To cut short, after few quarrels and shouting’s…I finally got this problem fixed…huh!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How I wish..'s saturday again..
Even today I can start feeling lazy for tomm....
How I wish tht friday is forever....
How I wish that every time I wake up in the morning, friday breeze will come and wish me Good Morning...
argghh so scared of tommorow...
caused...I might get a letter...which I have no idea whether its gonna be +ve or the other way around...
Wish me scared!