Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bola oh Bola...

skrg kan musim bola... I never give a damn bout it pon,
tp at least I know la world cup tu every 4 years, (tu pon sbb David bg soalan maut tu when i was working kat SMHB dulu..)

Smlm masa lunch kat ofis... I normally have my lunch dpn PC je (keji tak?), malas nak g pantry...sbb automatically it will be divided into 3 groups..2 meja di sebelah utara adalah suku kaum India, 2 meja lagi suku kaum Pinoy....ade la meja mcm side bar tu mat2 or minah2 saleh (normally diorang ni lunch awal, so ade la 3-4 ketul je)
So i will be torned between kalau masuk pantry.. Join Pinoy sah2 la tak paham diorang ckp...kdg2 diorang pon rasa bersalah so ade yg bersimpati tlg translate kan apa topik diorang ari tu, which i x really care much pon.. Gang India tu semua jantan plak... so I'd rather dok kat my workstation je ...blh chat dgn whoever available online heheh...ok back to point.

Since skrg ni sgt la panas, ramai gak yg choose just to order food to be delivered to office and enjoy it indoor. So happen to 2 ketul engineer yang neighbouring to me. Jorge and Ehthesham.. seko dr Hydrabad (India la jgk) and seko lg Columbian ( i hear he's holding US passport). Being in the industry tht nominated by men ni, i rarely join diorang sembang apa lg skrg sure dok ckp pasal bola. Smlm Ehthesham tu asked u watch football??. I was like No..big No
U have any favourite team?? i was like (eh dah tak tgk tu sure la x de) No...
dia tnay lg..if u hv to choose one...which team will tht be?....nak jgk kan???
ish...rasa mcm nak jwb Team Kelantan boleh?? nnt dia x paham plak
So i said...France may be, because their jersey look nice to me ....
pastu diorang senyum2...Jorge tu ckp...u r still a woman hahahaha!

Hey ...tell u what...if u wanna talk about footbal just go ahead. I x mind being left out about football coz i don't really into it OCCAY??!!


mommy ummartaro said...


tis year i support argentine. last WC was brasil
next WC...Kelate!

life according to gerberra said... waiting for Kelate tea to win WC